When drug baron Paul Haskew exposes DC Zain Nadir’s cover to Kristen Shaw, Zain insists that he’s now on their side. As a gagged Pc Honey Harman and Zain are bundled into the back of a van, Honey is shocked to see Zain remove his mobile phone battery to avoid trace. Arriving at Bonham Wharf boatyard, Kristen ties Honey to a chair. Once alone, Honey tries to cut herself free.

Back at Sun Hill, DCI Jack Meadows and Serious Organised Crime Organisation officer (SOCA), Marcus Swift inform the team that the plan is to arrest the Colombian drug dealers tonight at Jamaica Dock, the fake location set up by Zain. Meanwhile, Honey manages to break free but is caught outside by drug dealer Jose Alvarez and is escorted back to the warehouse by Zain kicking and screaming.

Meanwhile, at Bonham Wharf, Haskew hands Zain his gun and asks him to ‘get rid’ of Honey. As Zain stalls, Haskew heads for the warehouse to do it himself. Zain jumps on him and, during a struggle, Haskew hits Zain over the head and ties up the unconscious cop. Back at Sun Hill, DC Mickey Webb manages to get a signal from Zain’s phone…

Regaining consciousness, Zain tells Kristen that he really loves her. Kristen secretly releases him and Zain discovers that his phone is switched on – they must get out now! Zain releases Honey, the cops arrive and shoot Haskew dead when he turns a gun on Phil. As Zain and Kristen attempt to run off with the money from the deal, Honey tries to stop them. As a struggle ensues between Honey and Kristen, the Pc is fatally shot!