Inspector Gina Gold begins to wonder why Pc Honey Harman hasn’t turned up for work and when Honey’s mobile phone records reveal that her last call was made to CID on the night of the raid, Gina decides to treat her as a missing person.

With an investigation into Honey’s disappearance well under way, corrupt cop DC Zain Nadir starts to panic. Zain tells fugitive Kristen that his colleagues have started searching for Honey and says that they haven’t got long to get away. Kristen warns Zain to keep calm and leave everything to her.

Later, DCI Jack Meadows gets a call from forensics – Honey’s fingerprints have been found at Bonham Wharf – and he demands a thorough search of the whole area surrounding the warehouse. When questioned, drug baron Jose Alvarez admits to Jack and DS Phil Hunter that Honey was at Bonham Wharf that night with Zain – but that he didn’t hurt her.

Jack call for divers to search the canal at Bonham Wharf and DS Heaton gets there to witness Honey’s body being pulled out of river. Back at Sun Hill, the news about Honey reaches Zain who runs through the station in a bid to escape. Is the net closing in on the renegade cop?