Hoodies surround Rita at the Red Rec!

Alone on the Red Rec Tina drinks in a bid to blot out the pain. Tommy meanwhile is blaming himself, Tina only got into this to pay his debts and it’s destroyed her. Determined to find Tina, Rita heads to the Red Rec where she’s been spotted. But by the time she arrives Tina’s thought better of drinking herself stupid and headed home. But as a relieved Tommy and Dennis comfort Tina, Rita is surrounded by a gang of hoodies…

Alone at Nick’s bedside David is sick with remorse and begs Nick not to die, vowing to confess. But as Kylie tells David how much she loves him, he feels unable to bring himself to reveal the truth about Nick’s accident.

Having found no evidence of drugs on Craig, Beth wonders if he could be struggling with his sexuality. Kirk offers to talk to him, but Craig isn’t ready to open up about what’s really troubling him.

Also, as Sally heads out on a date with a man she met online Tim’s taken aback by how good she looks; Lloyd says goodbye to Mandy.