Roy finds himself coming up against a gang of hoodies led by Chesney’s schoolmate Kenzie. Roy is wrestled to the ground by the gang when he hears them breaking a window, but he manages to see them off. The gang then set their sights on the Kabin till and when Norris is left alone he finds himself besieged by the young thugs. Rita and Emily return in time to see the gang heading out of the shop, leaving a shaken but relatively unharmed Norris.

Sally is miffed when she sees a For Sale sign going up at the Peacock house and later Claire showing two prospective buyers around. Claire is convinced that she’s sold the house and not even Ashley’s words of caution can dampen her delight at having got one over on Sally.

Gail tells Rita how delighted she was to find her dad Ted after all this time and that she doesn’t want to lose him again. But there are more problems to deal with at home when Tina confesses that she has lost her job.

Also, Chesney’s behaviour is a cause of concern to Fiz; Deirdre and Blanche start to wonder if Roger will ever finish the bathroom.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Norris is still shaken by the robbery, but is desperately trying to pretend that he is OK. News of the robbery spreads round the street and Roy feels guilty that he didn’t warn anyone about the gang earlier. Meanwhile, Kayleigh realises that Kenzie was leading the gang but isn’t sure whether to grass him up.

Claire is delighted when she learns that she has sold the house to the young couple who came to view yesterday. But as she is seeing them out Jerry comes rushing over with news of the Kabin robbery and the prospective buyers change their mind. Claire is furious that her sale has been scuppered!

Gail is worried about Tina now that she is out of a job and tells Audrey that things will improve when David is out of prison and back at work. But Gail is stunned when Audrey makes it clear that she’s no intention of giving him back his job at the salon. Meanwhile, a low Tina is pleased when her dad Joe (Reece Dinsdale) arrives at the Platts’ to see her, as she gets on with him a lot better than with her mum!

Also, Fiz realises that Chesney is in love; Ken manages to delay the bathroom fitting even longer.