Hope comes home for Christmas

Fiz tells Tyrone that Hope might not be allowed home for Christmas and Lapland might have to wait. But as Tyrone gazes despondently around the street, a taxi pulls up and Fiz climbs out with Hope. Tyrone’s thrilled and as he hugs them tightly, suddenly the Christmas lights come on.

Tracy discovers an engagement ring in Robert’s jacket pocket. Meanwhile, Robert visits Rob in prison, who takes pleasure in telling him about Tracy’s visits. Defiant, Robert retorts that he intends to propose to Tracy on Christmas Day and leaves.

Sarah tells Kylie that out of the goodness of his heart, David’s taken Max to visit Marion and she should cut him some slack. When David returns home with Max, Kylie apologises for snapping at him earlier, but David remains hurt.

As Roy and Cathy quiz Chesney and Sinead about their trip, it’s clear Sinead is out of sorts. Tim and Craig enjoy a roast dinner in the cafe. Carla joins Aidan and Kate in decorating the tree, and Johnny raises a toast to their mother.