After Hope tells Fiz and Tyrone she wants to visit Santa in Lapland for Christmas, the pair go to the hospital for her biopsy results. They’re devastated to learn she has a cancer called neuroblastoma and will require chemotherapy.

Aidan agrees to Fiz being off work while Hope has treatment but regrets he can’t pay her while she’s not working. So Fiz is shocked when Tyrone reveals he’s booked a trip to Lapland.

Sophie’s alarmed when a fired-up Sally vows to change Tim’s mind about the wedding and is convinced she can win him back. First things first she begs a reluctant Kevin to appeal to Tim on her behalf. Later, over a pint an awkward Kevin tries to convince Tim to forgive Sally.

Also, Zeedan struggles with the running of the gym, while the Platts struggle to focus on their future.