Hope warns Raffy away from The Morgans

Will Hope's warning about the Morgans push Raffy further away?

Raffy is distraught at Hope’s fall, but she pulls herself together to try and find help. Raffy races out onto the main road and finds Nate who immediately runs to Hope’s side. Nate does enough to keep Hope alive until they get to hospital, but before Hope is wheeled into surgery she has a quiet word with Raffy and tells her not trust the Morgans. Will she make it through surgery?

Hunter is stressed with exams and, when Olivia’s friend Rebekah suggests cheating, it gives him food for thought. The next day, he bumps into Rebekah who says she has a copy of the upcoming English exam, but Hunter will need to cough up $300 to see the paper.

Also, Evelyn is confused over her feelings for Matt, but when the pair have a heart to heart, Evelyn finally figures out what she wants…