Horizon: Teenagers vs Cancer: A User’s Guide – BBC2

Eleven young people talk about living with cancer and coping with their treatment in this powerful one-off documentary, narrated by Jack Whitehall

Adolescence can be a traumatic and scary time 
as it is, so throw cancer into the mix and you have a whole new level of teenage angst.

This moving Horizon documentary reveals how 11 young adults and teenagers, including Chloe (above), have coped with their cancer diagnoses and treatment, told in their own words.

Hospital Teenage Cancer Trust units help the youngsters live a normal life, despite their gruelling treatment.

London’s Royal Mardsen hospital even have high-profile guests visiting, including The Who’s Roger Daltrey who visits to help with music therapy.

Teenagers Vs Cancer: Roger Daltrey joins Tim for a music therapy session with Kwaku Tieku (L)

Although the film is heartbreaking to watch, it’s the teens’ hope and bloody-mindedness that make it inspirational.

TV Times rating *****