Horror for Charity as Noah is poisoned! (VIDEO)

When Megan and Jai call in at Home Farm to take Noah to football, Charity kicks off and refuses to let her son go with them. As Jai tries to reason with her, Megan slips off to the kitchen and makes a beeline for a bottle of wine. Noah spots Megan and reminds her that it isn’t hers to take, but after she puts the bottle down and leaves, he takes the vino for himself! Later, the young lad finds his mate Jacob playing football and produces the bottle of wine, but after taking a couple of swigs he collapses!

After failing to dump Megan, Jai tries to convince Leyla that they should be together and the pair kiss just as Megan turns up with news about Noah. Will they be caught red-handed?

Aaron’s hungover after celebrating his release from prison, but after spotting Finn check him out in the pub, the pair have spent the night together. As Finn sneaks down the stairs, there’s an awkward moment when he tries to kiss Aaron. Was it a drunken mistake? Later, Ross fumes when he hears his little bro has slept with his rival, Aaron…