Horror in hospital for Nicola

Nicola is given terrible news about her health in Emmerdale

Following Nicola’s emergency surgery, Jimmy and Rodney are relieved when she comes to. But relief is short-lived as Nicola soon discovers she can’t move her right arm or leg. As the consultant tries to allay everyone’s fears, tests are run. The news isn’t good. It looks as if Nicola has sustained brain damage during the Mill Cottage fire, leaving the right-side of her body paralysed…

Laurel’s put in a tough spot when she’s called at home and asked to go into work. With her husband having been told he’s not fit to be left alone with children because his dementia, Laurel doesn’t know what to do. Laurel feels obliged to go when Ashley insists he will be fine at home with the kids. Knowing she needs to show her husband she trusts him since their recent row, when Ashley discovered his friends had been recruited by Laurel to effectively babysit him, conflicted Laurel heads off.

Disaster soon unfolds when a game of hide and seek turns into a nightmare under Ashley’s watch when Angelica goes missing…

Elsewhere, Gabby puts pressure on Jacob to nick some booze from David’s shop.