In a riot-torn, near-future LA, Jodie Foster runs a secret members-only hospital where the city’s crooks get themselves patched up.

Located in a converted art deco hotel, the hospital’s business is booming and world-weary Foster and her hulking assistant (Dave Bautista) have their hands full dealing with the latest guests and making sure they abide by the establishment’s strict rules – no names, no non-members, no weapons and no killing of other guests.

Unfortunately, the hotel’s latest arrivals are a tricky bunch. Given codenames corresponding to their rooms in the hotel, they include slinky French assassin Sofia Boutella, smarmy arms dealer Charlie Day, skilled bank robber Sterling K Brown and his wounded brother Brian Tyree Henry.

It’s already a volatile mix, but things get even more combustible when Foster breaks her own rules and allows a  wounded police officer (Jenny Slate) to take refuge in the hotel. And the imminent arrival of a notorious crime boss (Jeff Goldblum, menacingly silky) and his entourage threatens to turn the situation explosive.

The directing debut of Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce, this offbeat action thriller delivers slick and stylish thrills, cleverly combining retro flourishes with futuristic touches, such as the 3-D printer with which Foster can whip up transplant organs for her patients. The fight scenes are effectively brutal, too, allowing Boutella to show off her nimble action chops.