Hotel Inspector – Channel 5

Alex Polizzi tries to reverse the fortunes of more hotels and B&Bs, beginning in Burnley. Lancashire

Alex Polizzi is back for a new series to try to rescue struggling hotels.

This first episode has a double whammy – not just a business needing a shot in the arm, but a family business.

And, as regular viewers will know, family-run hotels can throw up any number of curve balls for Alex to deal with.

She is, though, famously from a family of hoteliers herself, and manages a hotel owned by her mother, Olga Polizzi.

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Alex with Emma at the bar of the Rosehill House Hotel in Burnley

Will it stand her in good stead for the challenges presented by the Rosehill House Hotel in Burnley, Lancashire?

It’s owned by John and run by his daughter Emma, but they have very different ideas about
its future.

Can Alex offer a solution to satisfy everyone involved?

TV Times rating: ****