People with unusual appearances live together in a Yorkshire house for 10 days, and share their personal experiences in Channel 5’s new three-part series House of Extraordinary People

What’s it really like to stand 
out simply because you’re different?

To get a real insight, this life-affirming series (showing across three days this week) sees nine people who differ from the norm living together for 10 days, while confronting public prejudices and facing their greatest fears.

For 43-year-old Rachael, who has thousands of benign tumours all over her skin, a trip to the swimming pool is an anxiety-inducing experience, while self-confessed ‘bearded lady’ Harnaam Kaur struggles with self-confidence when she embarks on a rare night out on
the town.

However, the camaraderie and support that these amazing individuals show one another proves to be life-changing…

TV Times rating: *****