When Lynette and Tom are at a dinner party at Bob and Lee’s house, their gay hosts have a full-on argument then reveal they’re seeing a shrink to resolve some issues. It gives Tom ideas about help for his and Lynette’s marriage after the trauma of losing one of their unborn twins. He books an appointment with their shrink and starts keeping a ‘feelings journal’ which begins to irk Lynette.

Eventually, Lynette sneakily reads Tom’s journal and decides to pay a visit to Dr Graham (played by Jane Leeves, who was Daphne in Frasier). The unhappy housewife seems surprised when Dr Graham does manage to help her come to terms with her loss and Lynette ends up booking more counselling sessions and keeping a feelings journal herself.

Meanwhile, after being committed, Katherine is also seeing a shrink to get over her fantasies about Mike. And there’s trouble at school when Gaby finds out that her daughter Juanita could have been placed in the dunce’s class. She does some detective work which causes friction with Susan as Gaby finds out that MJ’s class might be the one for thickos and not Juanita’s.

Angie asks Lee for advice on how to split up Ana and Danny, and Orson plays more mind games with Bree by telling his physio that his wife has been starving and abusing him.

Mrs McCluskey visits Katherine in hospital and persuades the other neighbours she’s fallen out with to call in and there’s a lovely reconciliation between Katherine and Susan.

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