Ronnie and Roxy are stunned by Glenda’s arrival as they haven’t seen her since she walked out on the family when they were kids. The girls demand to know why Glenda has turned up after all these years, but Glenda is elusive.

Ronnie, Roxy and Peggy discuss whether to let Glenda stay and they agree to hear her out. Glenda says she couldn’t be around Archie any more, then tells a horrified Peggy that she’s still married to Archie. Ronnie and Roxy want Glenda to get out, but Glenda pleads with Peggy and reveals some of the heartache she’s been through. The Mitchell women agree to let Glenda stay, but Peggy hopes she won’t regret the decision.

Shirley worries that she will lose Phil now that Marsden knows Phil’s alibi for Christmas Night was false. Shirley makes a phone call and claims that she saw Janine killing Archie. Shirley is surprised when Zsa Zsa knocks on her door – she’s Shirley’s niece. Shirley is short with Zsa Zsa when Zsa Zsa sees baby George and assumes that she’s in a relationship with Heather!

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