How does Linda know Charlie?

As Linda chats to a friend on the phone about her new job in Letherbridge, she walks past a car with a ‘Doctor on call’ sign in the window and gets a shock when she sees Charlie knocking on a nearby door. Anxious, she goes back to the car and sees a Mill Health Centre brochure on the passenger seat. Later, at home in tears, Linda phones The Mill, but hangs up before speaking.

Julia rings Karen at the Campus with the training dates for her course. Michelle’s happy for her, but quickly becomes short-tempered and tells Karen she’s only going to be taking blood, not finding a cure for cancer. Karen’s shocked but, later, Michelle apologises. Karen wants to talk but Michelle clams up, saying she’s just in one of those moods.

Heston buys Cherry a cashmere robe to say thank you for helping him at his dinner last week. It’s too much, but Heston persuades her to accept it and makes her promise never to change.

Also, Rob has a run in with a not so private eye.

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