Sophie’s bewildered as to why Noah accused and publicly humiliated Kate. Wanting to support her, Sophie pleads with Noah to take back his lies. Although Noah initially stands by his accusation, he finally crumbles during Priya’s official investigation, claiming that he made the whole thing up. Although Kate’s relieved to hear what Noah’s done, Sophie’s hurt and angry – his lies nearly ruined Kate’s life. As Sophie attacks Noah, Andrew reveals Noah’s not a complete liar – he and Kate did share a kiss. Enraged by Kate’s betrayal, Sophie goes to Priya and tells her the truth… Has Sophie ruined everything for her sister?

It’s a battle of wills with Toadie and Sonya at loggerheads about whether their couch is salvageable and whether Callum should be working. When Toadie busts Callum ditching his papers, he agrees to keep it from Sonya and help him out – as long as Callum promises he’ll do the round properly in future. But when Sonya discovers their scam, she reveals her real issue has more to do with Toadie’s approach to parenting.

Concerned about what might happen if she does fall pregnant, Sonya pleads with Toadie, but will they finally be on the same page when it comes to raising their family?