How far will Max go?

Max gets ready for Emma’s funeral. Lauren and Abi don’t know what to do for their dad, as it’s obviously tearing him apart. The family are interrupted by Bryant, who tells Max that Emma’s family doesn’t want him to go. Worried about Max’s stubborn plot to get revenge on Phil, Carol points out he’s putting his family in danger. Realising Carol is right, Max tells Sharon he’ll give the Arches back to Phil. After a visit from Emma’s mum Margot, Carol catches Margot and Max hugging and instantly assumes something is going on between them. Flying into a drunken rage, Max reverses his decision. Visiting Phil in prison, Max tells Phil that he’s the owner of the Arches and is keeping the business for good!

Ian conspires with Alfie and Sonia to get Jane out of the house for a few hours, as he’s planning something big for the wedding. A stunned Jane busts Ian and the lads trying out Ian’s idea for the big day, when she finds them wearing kilts in the Beale tartan!

Shabnam is torn up about her night of passion with Kush and prays for forgiveness. It takes an encounter with Stacey before Shabnam can face talking to him. Misreading Kush’s attempt to reach out to her, Shabnam assumes Kush told Stacey they slept together and she feels betrayed.