Peggy wants to convince the brewery to hire her to run the Vic if they buy it from Roxy. Peggy holds a barbecue in the Square in honour of Jim’s birthday to show the brewery she can pull in punters. Peggy is horrified when she discovers a group of down and outs gathered around the barbecue. Brewery representative Ken, however, is impressed that Peggy is ‘helping the homeless’. Peggy thinks she’s got it in the bag until Ken reveals the brewery won’t employ anyone over 30!

Elsewhere, Carol is sure that Bianca is up to no good when she sees her leaving the house in a low-cut top and full make-up. Carol follows Bianca and overhears her on the phone to ‘Bobby’. Carol confronts Bianca, but Bianca storms off. Carol finds Bianca at the Vic barbecue and in front of everyone accuses her of having an affair. Ricky is confused and Bianca is humiliated.

Whitney gets ready for Billie’s return and tells Tiff that they’re in love. Billie takes Whitney to the park and she’s worried when he’s distant. Whitney insists that she’s willing to make sacrifices to fit around his army career. Whitney is devastated when Billie tells her that he can’t give her what she needs.

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