Everyone’s shocked when Du Plessis announces he’s leaving Leopard’s Den to go and live with Caroline in the UK, and Danny’s upset turns to anger when he learns that Du Plessis’ flight from South Africa departs the next day. Meanwhile, Vanessa asks Danny and Rosie to take a look at a lion that Fatani has bought, which won’t come out of his cage.

Danny takes the animal back to Leopard’s Den for a thorough check-up, but Rosie grows concerned when Fatani admits the animal didn’t have any paperwork, and urges him to arrange a meeting with Carl, the previous owner. Later, Danny is frosty with Du Plessis but Alice encourages him to try Du Plessis’ idea of putting a lioness next to the lion’s cage to draw him out.

The plan works and Danny decides to take Du Plessis’ advice by releasing the lion back into the wild. As the lion heads off into the bush, Danny admits to Du Plessis he’s been ‘prickly’ because he’s upset about losing his best friend. At the meeting, Rosie and Fatani are shocked when they witness the conditions Carl is keeping his animals in, and Rosie vows to have him shut down.

But when Carl catches them taking photos as proof, he throws them off his land. Will they be able to expose Carl?