Having stayed out all night, a bedraggled, hungover Chris heads to work with blood on his knuckles – has he been in a fight? A worried Emma seeks Chris out but rejects her concern. When Jimmi asks after Chris, having noticed he’s off-colour, Emma covers for her son saying everyone has their off days. Later, when Karen suggests she saw Chris being abusive to a motorist, Emma lies that he explained that the motorist was the abusive party.

At home, Emma appeals to an agitated Chris – he needs to hold it together, people are starting to ask questions. As Chris cruelly accuses Emma of worrying about her own image, it’s clear he’s wracked with guilt and self-loathing.

Meanwhile, Rob and Karen wake up having spent the night together but Rob ruins the moment by being over-familiar. When Rob assumes Karen will be coming over that night, Karen says he’s taking her for granted and demands that Rob woo her. Rob realises he has some work to do to get Karen onside…

Also, Daniel uncovers a shocking secret whilst helping a patient overcome his suicidal impulses.