How low will Rhys go?

Rhys’s plan appears to come unstuck when Erin ends their relationship, insisting she needs to focus on the program. Realising he’ll have to play dirtier to get what he wants, Rhys manipulates Karl by implying Erin has a drinking problem. Already on her last warning, Erin breaks down when she’s told the board doesn’t think she’s coping and it’s suggested she takes leave.

Feeling the pressure, Erin quits and Rhys’s guilt is piqued. However, his guilt is short-lived and it’s not long before he’s asking to replace Erin on the program. Hearing this Karl gets the feeling he’s been played.

Checking her ovulation diary, Sonya’s reminded how long she’s been off the pill and calls Toadie home for some baby-making action. But, when she seductively opens the door, she’s shocked to find Susan standing there instead of Toadie.

Embarrassed, Susan excuses herself but, needing to talk, Sonya confides in her that they’re struggling to conceive. When Toadie eventually comes home Sonya decides to come clean and admit her concerns. Toadie assures Sonya there’s plenty of time – but is she convinced?

Chris resolves to take up Aidan’s offer of a drink but struggles to find the courage to do so. However, when he finally does, he realises Aidan’s already on a date with the bartender.