How much for your baby, Dawn?

Rob is stunned when May tells him of her plan to ‘buy’ Dawn’s baby, but May begs him to plead with Dawn and stop her having the termination.

Rob follows Dawn to the clinic but he tells Dawn that he respects whatever decision she has made. Rob is confused when May looks delighted on his return – Dawn hasn’t had the termination and has agreed to let them have her baby.

Martin and Ian organise Pauline’s funeral and decide to have the wake at the Vic. Martin asks Joe to read at the service, but Joe refuses to have anything to do with Pauline ever again. Martin is furious when Peggy refuses to allow him to use the Vic for a wake. He shames the pub regulars when he points out that he needs to say goodbye to his mum, whatever her faults.

Kevin plans a New Year’s Eve in with the family and a selection of lethal drinks and cocktails. Denise tries to be enthusiastic, but she’s not pleased at the plan. Kevin is suddenly hit by the realisation that Denise is uncomfortable around people who have been boozing following her frightening experiences with her alcoholic ex, so Kevin organises a different kind of entertainment for the evening.

Also, Tanya apologises to Stacey about the awkward situation at the party and Stacey says not to worry – she’s moved on.