How will Andrew get out of this one?

Tash discovers the app has been taken offline and questions Andrew who suggests it’s due to a glitch. Meanwhile, Lucas gives her the idea of selling the app to the government to help with anti-gambling policies and she sets up a meeting with the state government’s office of gaming. Andrew, however, dismisses the idea, making Tash suspicious, especially when she learns that he’d taken the app offline. To throw her off the scent, Andrew agrees to attend her meeting and gets an idea from Chris to derail the negotiations – invite Ed along, too.

Believing Paul’s story that Zoe had dumped him, Sophie concludes that she’s the cause of the split. Andrew tells Paul that she’s blaming herself and Paul eventually comes clean, giving her a gift left for her by Zoe. Sophie is furious with him for lying to her and decides to take it out on him at every opportunity. Priya tries to give Paul some comfort being the parent of a teenage girl herself, but Paul knows it’s going to be a rough ride.