How will Cathy react to Operation Clean-up? (VIDEO)

Roy persuades a reluctant Cathy to have a day out with him while Tyrone, Fiz and Chesney kindly clear some junk out of her house. At Cathy’s request, they visit an art gallery and Roy’s impressed with her knowledge. Later, Roy and Cathy return home, but when Tyrone, Fiz and Chesney reveal the fruits of their labour, she’s furious. Where are all her things?

Yasmeen’s excited at the thought of planning the wedding, while Alya heads to the Underworld loos with her pregnancy testing kit. But when Beth finds the pregnancy testing kit in the bin, she and Sean wonder who it belongs to. As Gary arrives in the factory to collect Alya, Beth produces the pregnancy testing kit and teases Alya by suggesting it’s hers. Alya’s alarmed whilst Gary’s bemused.

Audrey summons Gail, Sarah and Bethany to the salon for a peace-making pampering session, hoping they can iron out their differences. Will it work?

When a stroppy customer calls into the cab office and drops her bracelet, Eileen pockets it and Michael’s perturbed by her dishonesty.