How will Emelia react when Lucas says the ‘L’ word?

Reacting on instinct, Michael writes his lesson plans, the bins them, wanting to teach the way he always has. However, when he tells Emilia what he’s done, she comes up with a better plan to keep Priya off his back. To Michael’s dismay, it involves breaking into the school to get his lesson plans out of the trash. When they find themselves locked in the classroom it brings Michael’s feelings for Emilia to the surface. Meanwhile, Lucas decides tonight is the night to tell Emelia how he really feels about her.

Karl and Susan wait for news from the Vet on Audrey and are devastated when it isn’t what they’d hoped. Audrey is deteriorating fast and she’ll have to be put to sleep. Karl offers Susan to take Audrey back to Toadie’s but she insists she should be at home.

Realising just how short-staffed the school is, Priya reluctantly cancels Lucas’s leave. Despite him telling her he’s booked his accommodation, she tells Lucas she has no choice but to stand firm on this. Desperate, she appeals to Kate to come back and finish her placement at the school.

Although Kate’s surprised by the offer, she insists she’s got other plans, leaving Priya under pressure to find replacements. Eagerly awaiting Priya’s first slip-up, Paul watches on, smug. However, Priya remains the picture of calm.