How will Grantly take to his new boss?

Michael Byrne is determined to bring about more change to the Waterloo Road classrooms to try and turn around the poor performance of some of the pupils. Taking action, he brings in an old friend of his from teaching college to be the new head of English – the bright and bubbly Linda Radleigh.

Meanwhile, Jez decides to set up a fitness club at the school. As soon as Janice says she wants to join, Chalky wastes no time in putting his name on the list, too.

Grantly, who wasn’t told of Linda’s appointment, hits the roof when he finds out he will be reporting to her. He’s furious that as the acting head of the English department, he wasn’t considered for the job. Linda says she wants to sit in on Grantly’s class to see how he teaches and how the children respond to him. But their teaching styles completely clash, and they end up having a massive argument in the corridor.

At the fitness club, Chalky pushes himself too far and collapses in the playground. Janice calls an ambulance, and she goes with him to the hospital.

Then, Michael and Sian stay behind to work through some figures for the school. But when Michael tells Sian he should never have left her, she storms out.

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