How will Ian deal with Cindy’s ultimatum?

Ian finds Cindy in the cafe with Carol following her ultimatum. Warning her not to tell anyone the truth about Bobby, Ian brings her home. When Cindy pushes her luck, Ian realises he must put Bobby first, planning to tell the social worker they’ve changed their minds. Jane has a better idea, arranging for Terry to visit and collect Beth to live with him and TJ. After they’ve gone, Ian kicks Cindy out of the house.

Les meets up with Claudette, telling her they have to finish things between them. Claudette warns him that he won’t be able to just end things. Meanwhile, Paul has a heart-to-heart with Pam, learning the reason for her upset is that she’s afraid he hates her for helping his dad to die. Paul realises he can’t tell her the truth about Claudette.

Phil is furious when Sharon and Vincent come to an agreement over The Albert and he gives her share back. When Phil gives Sharon the address of her real biological father she heads off to find him. Returning to the Square, Sharon confesses she couldn’t bring herself to see him, choosing Phil and Walford instead.

Also, Ben agrees to meet up with Paul after getting another text.