Dodger confides in Dirk about a girl he can’t have. Back at home, Maxine surprises Patrick with a new set of golf clubs and a date for their wedding. He’s angry that she, once again, made a decision without him. He blames her for their baby having Downs Syndrome and Maxine explodes with rage and leaves the flat. She finds Dodger and tells him she loves him too. However, he doesn’t given her an answer and Maxine returns to the flat to more abuse. She pleads with Dodger to leave with her tonight and he eventually agrees when Patrick tells him he wants Maxine to have a termination.

Lindsey leaves the Roscoes, but when Sinead winds her up in the village, Lindsey goes to slap her. They’re broken apart by Diane and Sinead turns on the tears, then asks Diane if she can move back in to Tony’s flat. Later, Freddie tells Sandy he wants out of the garage, but she decides to give him her third of The Loft.

Elsewhere, Cindy finds some boxer shorts in Holly’s laundry basket and confronts Jason but he says they aren’t his and Cindy knows her daughter is hiding something.

Also, Sonny explains to Sinead that he can’t see her anymore and it’s clear Sinead isn’t going to take that lying down.