Oblivious to their baby’s condition, Vanessa and Lucas choose a name while Rhys runs tests. His fears are confirmed when everything points to the baby having a heart condition and Rhys struggles with how to break the news to Lucas and Vanessa. Karl offers to handle it but Rhys wants to support the woman he loves and eventually breaks the news to the devastated parents.

The news also has an impact on Georgia and she turns to Scotty for support, but her boyfriend doesn’t understand how she can get so emotionally involved with her job. She starts to fear that they’re growing apart, a feeling highlighted when Kyle offers the support Scotty didn’t.

Karl allows Sonya to return home but Toadie realises the house is in a mess and calls Callum to tidy up immediately. Callum frantically enlists Kyle’s help, asking him to drop off a load of Toadie’s old clothes at the clothes dump but later realises Kyle’s deposited baby Nell’s clothes instead. Kyle struggles to retrieve them and is only saved by Georgia’s timely help, returning the baby clothes to Callum as mum and dad return home.