When the electricity goes off, Ste tells Amy he will find a job. Later, Gilly takes pity on Amy when he spots her fishing for change in a fountain and offers to buy Amy electricity and groceries. Meanwhile, Ste sees Carmel drop her purse and steals it, but is forced to run when she gives chase. Ste runs into John-Paul and Kris and they apprehend him. Worried that they’ll call the police, Ste blurts out that he needed money for Leah and lies that she has leukaemia. Rhys admits to Beth that the thought of her sleeping with his best mate is driving him mad. Unable to deny his feelings for Beth, Rhys cancels another date with Mercedes, saying he has a home decorating job to do. But when Mercedes decides to head over to the Ashworth’s to surprise Rhys, she very nearly catches Rhys and Beth in the bedroom together. As the McQueen’s rally around Nana following the attack, Myra implores Carmel to find out who attacked Nana. Meanwhile, Niall is giving Nana a new hairdo to cover up her wounds when Nana asks him to keep their conversation yesterday a secret. Niall sees red, picks up a towel, and threateningly approaches Nana from behind. Luckily, Carmel interrupts him. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip