When Howard tells Heston about his night-time visits, Heston explains about his episodes and their link to his time with Marina. The pair share their vulnerable sides and any awkwardness vanishes.

Rachel can’t escape the focus of her controlling father, David. But when she passes out outside the Campus Surgery, Zara realises she has recently given birth. Rachel tells Zara that she has abandoned her baby and they find it back at the house. Rachel tells Zara she’s spent her life pleasing her father, but in David’s presence, she says she wants to give the baby up for adoption. Zara confronts David and leaves him to think as she tends to Rachel. 

Also, Kevin spends most of the day anxiously trying to get out of a surprise appointment made by Hazel Conroy. Poppy just barely convinces her to cancel it, but Hazel spots Kevin’s name on Poppy’s phone.