Howard arrests Andy

Driver’s social worker calls tries to tell her that she could be putting the adoption in jeopardy by missing appointments for work. Later, Noakes tells Driver that Andy has booked a bus ticket to Glasgow. Andy sees his plan working as officers arrive at station as he walks down a street trying to find a car to steal. However, Howard sees him and even with an injured groin, he catches the injured Andy.

Driver is about to start the interview when Noakes tells her he will conduct it. She fights back – it was her team that caught Andy. Noakes then explodes telling her at the height of the investigation last Friday she disappeared and suspends her from duty. Noakes interviews Andy, but he drops his bombshell. He will talk… but only to Sergeant Rob Hollins.

Daniel meets up with an elderly couple at the Grainger Clinic who want to spice up their love life but Eileen discovers that Ron doesn’t really love her just wants her for the spicy sex life that they had years ago.