Howard challenges Elaine

Howard undertakes an inspection of the Campus surgery and sends Mrs Tembe into a spin when he reveals he’ll be calling an impromptu fire drill at some point in the day. As appointed fire warden, it’s Mrs Tembe’s job to take action so she promises discretion and prepares herself. But when it comes to the crunch Mrs Tembe realises she’d forgotten to inform the fire dept of the drill.

Elsewhere, Howard finally meets Elaine, but is surprised when she denies him access to her consults. He questions her commitment to the surgery and her apparent lax attitude to the reaccreditation, which only serves to fire Elaine up more. The battles lines have been drawn…

Meanwhile, Freya is still disgruntled after her talking to from Howard and Kevin winds her up further when he gloats about the special project Howard has given him. There’s a standoff when they bump into one another at the Icon but Kevin builds bridges and calls a truce.

Freya idly flicks through Kevin’s initial research and tells him he still has work to do. Freya reveals her interest is based in the fact her Aunt has Lupus and the research points to a revolutionary drug that could help. Later, Freya tells Mandy about her aunt, vowing to make time to visit her.

Also, a priest questions his faith when his past is called into question and Zara becomes a pawn in a game of revenge.