Howard drops a bombshell on Simon

Simon is keen to show his proud parents, Sue and Howard, around The Mill but they embarrass him when they start boasting about his achievements and how proud they are of him. When Sue asks Cherry to fix Simon up with a nice young man, Cherry tells her about Todd and Sue insists that Simon keep his date with Todd that evening.

As Simon is leaving for his date, Howard follows him outside and reveals that he planned the visit so they could have one last weekend together as he is leaving Simon’s mother. Simon is completely gobsmacked.

Daniel does such a good job with Julia’s paperwork that she agrees to go out for dinner with him. As Julia and Daniel bond over dinner and Julia admits she feels she has no one left who is on her side, Daniel says he’s there for her.

Also, Lily senses that something isn’t quite right about a grieving widow and her protective brother following her husband’s death.

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