Howard embarrasses Emma

Howard’s in a lot of pain and calls Karen to let her know he won’t be in for a few days because he has groin strain. Horrified, Emma immediately phones Howard who weakly claims he ‘slipped up’. Emma’s fury dissolves as she realises it was a genuine mistake.

Al is puzzled when Sean starts randomly talking about relationships. Later, Al expresses annoyance that Howard’s not in, and Emma tears a strip off him for speculating about her private life. As Emma heads out Al asks Niamh what Sean was rambling on about – has Niamh told Sean about their past?

Niamh lies and insists that like Emma she prefers to keep details of her personal life to herself.

Rob thinks he’s on a on a ‘routine’ surveillance job until Driver tells him she has had word from the serious crime unit about a possible paedophile ring at a house. Driver enters the house masquerading as a make-up rep and discovers a crèche for the children of a group of prostitutes working out of the property.