Howard gets a surprising new police partner

Howard finds himself with an unexpected new police partner, Archie Greene, while on the hunt for a stolen cat. Archie, 12, seems to know a lot about the local neighbourhood and thinks the cat, Sandra, has been ‘flipped’ – where something is stolen by criminals who then quickly move them on for profit. Can Archie help Howard track down the missing moggy?

Meanwhile, when Niamh announces she’s going to be having an ice cream party, Heston says he has just the thing. Kevin waits until he hears a thud and finds Heston having fallen off a chair as he was trying to reach a box of cocktail umbrellas. Heston admits that he thinks he has a brain tumour and Kevin insists that he see his GP.

Toni spots Daniel and Zara laughing together. Later, Daniel asks if Zara is going to watch the dance competition, but she turns him down.

Also, Emma and Niamh compare Al and Oliver and the latter is the clear winner. Later, Al tell Niamh he’s decided he’d like to come to her ice cream party.