Howard has Rob hook, line and sinker!

It’s the day of the fishing trip and Howard winds Rob up straight away as he doesn’t know how to fish – or how to switch off. He’s constantly checking his emails, asking questions and bursting Rob’s bubble. When Howard uses his phone’s internet to piece together an advanced rod which, in turn, lands him a huge fish, Howard is ecstatic. Rob, however, is more wound up than he could have imagined.

As Liam begins his placement at The Mill, Mrs Tembe finds him making a video as he douses himself with a pint of milk in the car park. Liam says it’s a viral protest against the way the government is charging students a fortune for their educations. Mrs Tembe still chastises him for his poor choice of venue and orders him to clean it up, but Mandy’s impressed he’s taking a stand and urges him to upload the video to YouTube.

However, Liam’s then chastised by his mentor Heston, who thinks it’s inappropriate to associate The Mill with such a political message. But when internet footage emerges of a protest Heston staged outside a fast food outlet on a drunken night out with some old uni pals a year ago, Heston admits he may have been a bit of a hypocrite. Heston apologises to Liam and welcomes his strong views at The Mill.

Also, Chris has to force a prominent fundraiser to face up to the fact her son is dying from cancer and needs her much more than he needs the money she’s raising.