Howard helps his nephew

Charlie goes to The Mill to see his Uncle Howard, and tells him that he doesn’t think his Dad really is his Dad – he wants a DNA test. Howard takes Charlie home, and his father, Dave, takes him fishing and they start to bond. Meanwhile, his wife and Charlie’s mother, Jenny, tells Howard that Charlie might be right. Jenny and Dave decide to spend some time part. Charlie tries to persuade them not to break up but Dave drives away, leaving Charlie heartbroken.

Al tries to cheer Niamh up, but she just wants to resign. While Niamh sleeps, he calls the airline to cancel…  Continuing to try to convince her just to have two weeks away to clear her head, she agrees to wait, on the proviso that as soon as they are back she resigns.

Ayesha tells Emma she needs to play hard to get with Franc. Later, Emma gets some flowers from him, asking her out for dinner on Saturday. He watches on, amused as Emma says she’ll think about it and Ayesha is happy with the outcome.