Howard is called back to The Mill in the evening, where he finds the Emergency Services dealing with a fire. Everyone is rounded up at the Campus surgery the next morning where Howard breaks the news. He says it is suspected the fire started in a waste paper basket, and Mrs Tembe immediately assumes that it was caused by Al. He sends Al home and comes up with his solution for business as usual – tents, specifically army tents.

When a man on Home Detention Curfew visits his ailing mother in a Care Home, at her request he breaks them into their old family home so that she can die there. Heston is called to help make her comfortable but is concerned when he realises the son has also broken his curfew and the police are looking for him.

Ayesha picks Sierra up from nursery, to discover she has been talking about Tracey all morning. They go to a café and continue to have fun together, as Ayesha promises that she will do what is best for Sierra.