Howard takes Emma to her first scan

Emma is nervous about the scan, but Howard is there to support her. At St Phil’s, Emma bumps into an old colleague, Ruhma, a midwife and introduces her to Howard. As Ruhma carries out the scan, Emma and Howard stare at their baby on the screen, transfixed…

Rob meets Callum who reveals that his wife was murdered 35 years ago today. Callum talks about his fury at the 14-year-old boy, Billy, who murdered her and tells Rob that he’d like to kill him. After a pep talk, Rob drives Callum home but, inside, we see an unkempt man in a cage  – it’s Billy. Callum has kept him a prisoner in his cellar for the past 24 years!

Mrs Tembe’s new laughter workshop doesn’t get off to a good start but Karen rescues the situation, impersonating Tommy Cooper in a fez. The laughter is infectious and soon Mrs Tembe is howling with glorious, unrestrained laughter.