Howard’s ex Army mate is out of control

Howard introduces Kevin to old army mate Gareth who’s just back from Afghanistan and staying with Howard. In a taxi, they and fellow squaddie Karl ‘Bimmo’ Bimson reminisce about their time in Belize, but when someone mentions another squaddie, Danny, Gareth’s mood darkens. Howard refuses to join them in a strip club but, inside, Gareth recognises a stripper as his ex, Jade and leaves. Later, Jade’s boss Freddie brings in a client for Jade to sleep with.

The next day, Gareth heads to The Mill to meet Howard and is almost caught by Kevin trying to get Jade’s details off Howard’s computer, but he denies using it. Gareth later turns up at Jade’s – and she’s not happy about him turning up out of the blue and interfering in her life. She makes him hide when Freddie turns up; he’s come to collect the punter’s payment from last night. Jade squirms as he kisses her.

Later, Gareth tells Howard he wants to go back to the club for some answers. Howard goes with him, but things get heated, Gareth is turfed out and Jade gets caught in the crossfire. Howard recognises Jade from the surgery and, when she confesses she’s pregnant, he takes her to St Phil’s. Howard tells Gareth he needs to start calming down and it’s clear Gareth’s using all his strength to control his anger.