Howard’s on air!

Howard announces that he is embarking on a PR campaign to improve the reputation of the Practice but gives a disastrous interview on the radio. Zara gives him advice ahead of an interview with a journalist, Steve, at the Icon bar. The interview is going badly until Howard decides to be himself and eventually he wins the journalist round.

Rob attends the scene of a road traffic double fatality, and unrelated children turn up to identify the two bodies. It soon transpires that the deceased were actually illicit lovers. Their children, Hector and Cheryl, grow to like each other, revealing that they are both in unhappy relationships and Cheryl slips her number into Hector’s father’s gloves.

Franc finds out about the ‘in-house training’ and Karen suggests that it may be something to do with Niamh. Franc visits Niamh at home and then approaches Steve and offers him a ‘real story’. Al visits Niamh at home and tells her she’s not cut out to be a doctor.