Howard’s on the edge!

Howard’s on edge as he sheepishly admits to Emma he’s started working as a police special. His tension is magnified by an email from the local council informing him of a planning application for the creation of a massive polyclinic – virtually on The Mill’s doorstep – and it’s being run by Gary Lucas, a nemesis of Howard’s from his days back at the PCT.

Emma is wary but Heston reckons a million things could happen to it before it ever materialises. However, Howard is still on edge when he runs into Mandy at the supermarket, who’s too distracted to see all the junk food he’s carrying. Howard dashes home, stuffs the food down then deliberately makes himself sick before giving his whole house a meticulous clean.

Chris tells Mandy that, to raise more funds for the youth club, he’s arranged for some kids to pack bags at a local supermarket and he needs her to be a chaperone. Mandy shows up to be met with by cheeky Lewis, who insults shoppers, steals items and acts like he doesn’t want to be there. Mandy wonders why they’re bothering to save the youth club if this is all the care it gets from those it’s trying to help?! 

But Mandy witnesses drastically different behaviour in Lewis when some gang members enter the store. He runs and hides and, when Mandy finds him, he reveals he’s hiding from his brother – he’s now running with this gang, and Lewis fears being around him, or at home. In fact, the youth club is the only place he really feels safe. Mandy has to concede that maybe she’s underestimated the youngster…

Also, a woman returns to confront her very dark past in Letherbridge by reopening a house where a series of gruesome murders were committed.