When Hudson’s unable to secure a coach, he suspects it’s because Joshua has spread word about his use of performance enhancing drugs. Joshua maintains he hasn’t. Determined to clear his name, Hudson voluntarily submits to a drug test. But the evidence alone is not enough to earn back the swimming community’s trust. Hudson confides in Chris that he might have to move overseas to keep his swimming career afloat. But Chris comes up with a radical plan.

Paul learns about Kate’s premature ovarian failure and starts looking for ways to offer concrete assistance. Without consulting Kate, he buys the share house and has the broken hot water system promptly repaired.

Paul expects Kate will be grateful to live rent free in a well maintained house but she’s furious. After Sheila points out his attempt to help could be seen as patronising and controlling, Paul tries to make amends.

Also, Lucas reluctantly reveals to Vanessa they are now stuck with a double mortgage, but Vanessa says they’ll put the house back on the market. Lucas points out that a six-week advertising campaign takes them right up to the week before their wedding. Vanessa assures Lucas it’s going to be fine – but quietly, he’s still feeling the pressure.