Hudson collapses with mystery chest pain

Hudson is annoyed when he realises that Chris is friends with Josh and that he told Josh that Don is trying to sabotage his chances. Defending Don, Hudson warns Chris to stay out of his business and, as things get heated, Hudson suffers from chest pains. Later, when Hudson has calmed down, the pair spend some downtime together but the night takes a dramatic turn and, once again, Hudson experiences severe chest pain. Having checked Hudson out, the paramedic suggests to Chris that Hudson’s chest pain is drug-related. Worried, Chris confronts Hudson who admits to taking medication to enhance his performance in the pool.

Feeling ignored yet again, Imogen defiantly declares that she’s buying herself a car, despite Amber’s warnings. However, when the car fails to start a few hours later, Mason breaks it to her that it will cost more than she paid for the car to repair. Devastated, Imogen’s in a world of regret, until Mason comes up with a surprising solution. He’ll fix the car at no cost to her, and he’ll get shared use of the car when it gets back on the road. However, Kate isn’t so thrilled.

Lauren hints at the idea of having another child, but Matt unknowingly puts the kibosh on the idea when he declares that he’s glad those baby days are behind them.