Hugh comforts Rachel – as Kim recovers

After suffering a serious electric shock, Kim’s life flashes before his eyes, but none of the images contain Rachel. Kim is rushed to hospital and is lucky to recover. Rachel takes him home and is keen to look after him, but Kim feels increasingly awkward and guilty around his wife.

When Hugh hears about Kim’s accident, he heads over to Rachel’s to see if she needs anything. An emotional Rachel tearfully embraces him, but the pair spring apart when Brad arrives unexpectedly. After Hugh leaves, Rachel admits to Brad that she’s confused about her feelings for Hugh.

Cassie bumps into Jules at the surf club, and despite her antipathy towards him, agrees to a game of pool. The game is a success, and Cassie starts to remember that there’s a very charming side to him.

Later, Cassie is disappointed to learn that Sally and Brad are too busy to take her out for driving practice, but is pleased when Jules drops by and offers to take her out on the road. But after Jules guides her to an off-road track, the car suddenly won’t start and Cassie and Jules have to stay in the car all night.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday August 15*

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