Hugh gives Rachel an ultimatum

With Archie in hospital, Kit is terrified he has meningitis. While waiting for his test results, Kit tells Rachel she didn’t allow Archie to be examined earlier, because she overheard Rachel telling Hugh that she’s prone to panicking about him. Rachel is left feeling guilty that her actions may have contributed to Archie’s condition and worries how Kim will react when he finds out. Later, Kim arrives at the hospital and everyone is relieved to hear Archie is in the clear.

Kim wastes no time in laying into Rachel for putting his son in danger. Hugh defends her, noting that Kit was also to blame as she took Archie home before Rachel could examine him. Rachel later makes the heartbreaking discovery that Hugh is leaving the Bay to take up an overseas posting. She tries to convince him to stay, but frustrated Hugh ends up giving her an ultimatum: he’ll stay in the Bay – but only if she leaves Kim.

Lucas softens towards Tony when he sees how hard his dad is trying to repair their relationship. Meanwhile, Tony tells Brad that he would do anything to meet a new woman.