Hugh’s in Rachel’s bad books

To avoid Rachel, Hugh invites Kim, Tony and Ric for a boys’ night out. After a couple of drinks, Hugh gets together with one of the girls, Ingrid, and the next day, Rachel is surprised, and a little jealous, to see her coming out of his room.

Rachel lays into Hugh up for treating Ingrid casually, and the long-simmering tension between them finally spills over, prompting Hugh to ask Rachel why she’s reacting so extremely if she doesn’t care for him.

Elsewhere, Kit tells Matilda she loves Kim, but knows they have no future together, which is why she’s asked him to step back and let her care for Archie alone. Kit struggles to look after baby Archie on her own, but rejects Kim’s offer of help.

After Naomi made it clear she’s not interested in a relationship, Lucas worries about seeing her in class. And he’s frustrated when Naomi ends up ignoring him. Later, he tries to persuade her to give their relationship another chance, but a stressed Naomi makes it clear they have no future.

After finding out about Lucas’ relationship, Ric urges him to give up on Naomi. Later, a frustrated Lucas almost puts his foot in it, revealing to the class about his past with their teacher.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday August 9*

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