Hugo and Martha find common ground

Martha is sailing through the storm and is knocked unconscious. The next morning, Hugo finds her in the boat, washed up on the beach. Rachel is worried about Martha’s state of mind. Was it really an accident?

Hugo tells Martha about his girlfriend, who was killed in a car accident. After losing her, he didn’t want to heal. This resonates with Martha who says she thought fate was telling her she was meant to be with Jack. Hugo thinks that her surviving the storm is an indicator that she’s meant to be here. Martha reaches a new level of acceptance.

Geoff spots Nicole talking to a strange guy. He confronts Nicole and she is upset that he automatically thought the worst. Nicole reveals she was hiring a boat from the guy, as a surprise for Geoff. They head off to the island where they first got together. But someone is watching them…

Ruby is perplexed when Xavier suddenly deletes answer phone messages from his brother Brendan. Xavier feigns ignorance and says he’s angry that Hugo has him under the thumb. Xavier’s fear that people will find out about Brendan is at an all-time high, when Hugo informs him that Brendan and their mum are coming to the Bay next week.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 31*

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